If you have an online store, you might be interested in adding All-Over-Print Leggings to your product offerings. They seem to be very popular and eye catching with colorful patterns. But are they worth putting into your store? Do they sell?

I presented these questions to some Facebook ecommerce groups. No one seemed to know the answer so I took the next step – adding them to my store. Here are the results of my findings, hopefully it’ll help you determine if leggings would work for your store.

I placed test orders with three drop ship companies: Art of Where, The Printful and Galloree. In general, their leggings are made from a combination of polyester and spandex.  Each company’s formulation is shown below:

The formulations affect the elasticity or feel of the fabric. When I say elasticity, I’m talking about how stretchy it is. Or how forgiving it will be if you’re trying to squeeze yourself into a pair. You’ll want to take these into consideration when deciding on which fulfillment company to go with.

Here’s a quick run-down on each company:


Art of Where

Based in Montreal Canada, Art of Where (AOW) mills its own fabric. It took nearly a year to come up with the combination of polyester and fabric that they use for their leggings. The result is a premium fabric that produces beautiful leggings.


  • Their fabric is very high quality, it feels soft and stretchy. It also has a nice thickness.
  • They offer branding options including custom labels, artist cards and stickers. You can create custom information branded with your store name, and Art of Where adds them to your dropship and wholesale orders.
  • Their mockups have several options for backgrounds.
  • Integration with Shopify and Big Cartel


  • Price.  Their dropship price is $35.
  • No discounts on shipping. They charge $5.50 for each pair of leggings no matter how many are ordered.
  • Extra credit card charges. When I received my credit card statement, I was shocked to see a foreign transaction fee charged for each order! Granted it was only 3%, but it doubled my credit card processing costs.
  • Painfully slow turnaround. Art of Where openly discloses a 5-10 business day processing. But in the day and age of Prime Two-Day shipping, it feels incredibly slow.


The Printful (affiliate)

Based in California, The Printful also offers all-over-print leggings. There isn’t any information about where their material is sourced.


  • Their base price is lower than Art of Where ($29.99)
  • Faster turnaround with 2-7 Business Days for processing
  • They offer a discount on shipping when more than one set of leggings is ordered.
  • Integration with a wide variety of platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce and Big Commerce


  • Product quality. If you didn’t order from Art of Where you wouldn’t know any better. But when I compare Printful’s leggings to Art of Where, hands down AOW feels more silky and is pleasant to touch. Of course Printful’s leggings have a lower base price, so it’s a trade-off you’ll need to consider.
  • If you want your own branding such as stickers, business cards, and flyers to be included with your products, The Printful refers to these as pack-ins. You have to mail your own over to them . They ask that you to send enough for one month’s worth of orders. I list it as a con because it’s just more work on your part. Is it really hard to print out paper or stickers and add it to the order?


Based in North Carolina, Galloree offers an all-over-print legging with a base price of $32. So its pricing is positioned between The Printful and Art of Where. There is no information on where their material is sourced.


  • Quality. They use less spandex than The Printful, which gives it more of the silky feel that Art of Where leggings have.
  • Shipping. They charge a flat rate of $5.


  • No integration with other platforms. Though they did announce they will have one with Shopify in February 2017.
  • They say to expect up to two weeks for delivery. While turnaround can be slow, my test order arrived in a little over a week.
  • The leggings seem to run a bit smaller than Art of Where.

Final Conclusion: After all the test orders and analysis, what was my final decision? Art of Where. Even though they are the most expensive and have slow turnaround times, I’m a stickler for quality. My business reputation rides on it. Once Galloree launches their Shopify app I will give them a try again. But for now I want to go with what I feel is best for my customers. I am charging a premium for these leggings. And if I compare them to a popular brand like Lularoe that goes for $25 a pair, I have to make sure my leggings are top-notch.

The next question: Do they sell? Because of the retail price they aren’t my best selling item.  Art of Where has a suggested retail price of $55. Mine are not that high. If I could find a way to bring the costs down then they would be regular sellers.  As it stands people are accustomed to seeing leggings at a much lower retail price.

Last question: Are they worth putting in your store?  I personally think so. There are a zillion Shopify or Big Commerce stores and it helps to stand out from the pack. Your designs or art might also look fabulous on leggings, it might be a must-have design that people are willing to pay money for. So I definitely recommend trying some designs out and testing them with Facebook ads to get feedback.

What do you think of what I’ve said above? Comment below and share your thoughts!